Engine Rebuild and Restoration

1947 Piper PA-12 For Sale – Fully Restored in 2005

Engine Rebuild
Registration: N3HX
Make: Lycoming 150hp
Model: 0-320-A2B
Serial# : L-17133-27A
Propeller: McCauley 1A175 GM82/41

Engine was completely overhauled and balanced by Bela’s Aircraft Engine & Accessory Shop, Dallas, Texas. A complete parts list is available and can be provided.

The following modifications have been made to the Piper PA-12 N3HX in accordance with supplemental type certificates:

1. SA689AL Gross weight increase to 1935 pounds (Crosswinds)
2. SA00132SE Weld on float fittings (Atlee Dodge)
3. SA517AL Skylight (Crosswinds)
4. SA00530SE Vortex generators (Micro Dynamics)
5. SA02171AK 24 Gallon fuel tanks (Dakota Cub)
6. SA578AL Flaps (Ronald Sullivan)
7. SA669AL PA-18 landing gear fittings (Crosswinds)
8. SA444AL McCauley 1A175 GM82/41 prop
9. SA71GL Air filter (Brackett)
10. SA02033AT Air oil separator
11. SA1008WE Poly fiber fabric
12. SA11RM Cleveland wheels and brakes
13. SA4-456 0-320 upgrade and PA-18 tails Kenmore)
14. SA564AL PA-18 control cables under floor (Ron Sullivan)
15. SA289AL Remove dorsal fin and install water rudder centering springs
16. ST01920CH Sutton exhaust system
17. CAP 2000 floats
18. EDO float hatches in CAP floats
19. Rear sling seat with removable rear tube
20. Atlee Dodge defroster kit
21. wing tip nav lights/strobes
22. PA-18 double pulley trim crank assembly
23. Seaplane door with wing catch
24. Modified front seat to PA-18 style and removed bungee stand
25. Airbourne vacuum pump
26. Installation of front left door post for structural reinforcement.
27. Steps on floats for access and fueling
28. X brace in cabin roof
29. installation of front seat shoulder harness reel
30. Rear seat shoulder harness attachment
31. Alternator installation
32. Intercom PM 1000 II
33. GPS/Com Garmin GNC 250XL, Transponder Garmin GTX 320A, Encoder AK 350
34. Wired for Bose and standard headsets
35. Transponder installation
36. Modified extended baggage
37. Atlee Dodge lifting tabs
38. Extruded metal stringers
39. Left side handle on tail
40. Relocate battery box
41. Fabricate new battery access lid
42. Fabricate antenna mounting panel
43. Remove grimes landing light and install Dakota Cub landing light
44. Fishing rod tube
45. 3ft metal belly access panel under tail
46. Spin on oil filter on engine
47. Also included is a pair of Bose headsets
48. Alaska BushWheel’s Baby-bush-wheel tail-wheel.